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I ran across this black shemale nympho on the streets of brazil and she was in need of some fast cash. I was more than happy to help her out. I think she was expecting some cock, but instead she got a huge dildo in the ass and took a wild ride on a zucchini.
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With eyes full of desire, feminine shemale chick quickly bent her nude boyfriend over, pulled his pants down revealing his sweet looking butt to her, and gave several hard, painful slaps on his nether cheeks, teasing the guy and making him beg for more. Her fuck ready male slut stopped breathing, his entire body tensed with need and unbearable anticipation of the mutually pleasurable sexual fun. The man could feel her hard shemale cock filling his anal depths as she buried her stiffness balls-deep into his exposed, vulnerable, tight ass. An erotic scream escaped guy’s mouth as the hot tranny slut slowly pulled her rigid cock out of his aching fuckhole and pushed it back in deep again and again. It very hurt at first until he got used to it. His body was shuddering with each thrust as holding him firm by the waist, the horny shemale was viciously pumping in all the way to the hilt, stretching his sensitive anal hole. The guy tilted his head back, crying out in intense pleasure as she began fucking him with animal passion, picking up the speed. He arched his back, pushing his butt back to meet her tranny cock as it fucked into him. Impaling himself onto her dickmeat with abandon, just mad with ecstasy, the guy passionately begged this merciless tgirl to fuck him relentlessly like a cheap horny whore, to use his hot flesh for her pleasure. Her nipples were rock hard, her beautiful boobs bounced with the rhythm of their marvelous fucking, her moans of pleasure became louder, her aching for release cock was ready to burst in his ass. A growl of fiery lust slid past her juicy lips as the shemale chick slowed down, trying to prolong the sensual agony as much as possible…
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This chick’s thick cock was hard as a rock! She invited us over to her own house and when we got there, she took control. She made Kraig her bitch and fucked his ass like he’s never been fucked before! Huge set of guns on this one, which went well with her nice fat hard cock! This was one cum hungry tranny, she definately knew what she was doing! Watch Merian’s full length video inside! Enjoy.
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Fabio couldn’t resist when he saw this beautiful chubby shemale flirting by the pool. He wasted no time and in minutes had her begging to be fucked hard in every hole he could fit his cock into.
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Caetano, is a straight guy that’s never had a shemale, but after much convincing I got him to give it a try. I found an awesome piece of shemale ass for him. He’ll never be the same again!

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This shemale was easy going and very willing to please. I loved making every second of this episode. I took her down by the pool, gave her a cup of yogurt, 2 dildos and a huge cucumber and the rest is history. She got so fucking wild, I didn’t want it to end!